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Aug 15, 17   Comments Off on Josh Duhamel Hosts a Reality Show Where Contestants Kill Themselves in ‘The Show’ Trailer Multimedia Update, The Show

This trailer for The Show, debuting on ET, is not for the faint of heart — and if the preview alone requires a trigger warning, we cannot imagine how disturbing the full movie will be. The Show’s rating should be indicative: R for “disturbing and violent content involving suicides, language throughout, and brief drug use.” […]

Dec 18, 16   Comments Off on Transformers: The Last Knight – Teaser Trailer Multimedia Update, Transformers: The Last Knight
Jul 25, 16   Comments Off on Spaceman Official Trailer 1 (2016) Multimedia Update, Spaceman
Jan 21, 16   Comments Off on 11.22.63 on Hulu Trailer (Official) 11/22/63, Multimedia Update

Watch the official trailer for the Hulu original series 11.22.63, premiering on Presidents Day — February 15th, 2016.

Nov 11, 15   Comments Off on Lost in the Sun Trailer Lost in the Sun, Multimedia Update
Mar 08, 15   Comments Off on ‘Battle Creek’ episode 2 preview: New videos featuring Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters Battle Creek, Movies and tv shows, Multimedia Update

If you enjoyed “Battle Creek” last week, the good news is that there is plenty more to come. Russ Agnew and Milt Chamberlain have already become an unlikely but entertaining partnership, and it will be interesting to see where this story goes from here. We already like the premise for Sunday night’s new episode “Syruptitious”: […]

Jan 12, 15   Comments Off on Trailer for Vince Gilligan and David Shore’s Battle Creek Alerts, Battle Creek, Multimedia Update

CBS has debuted a trailer for Battle Creek, a new police drama from Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) and David Shore (House), which is set to star Josh Duhamel (Transformers) and Dean Winters (Law & Order: SVU) as two police detectives with differing views and tactics on solving crime.

Mar 14, 14   Comments Off on Josh Duhamel Releases New Video to Support Shelter Dogs Alerts, Multimedia Update, News and rumors

This week Josh Duhamel released his own documentary-style personal video in support of the See what good food can do. campaign. The campaign aims to help shine a spotlight on the millions of shelter dogs in need of a forever home. Last month Josh Duhamel, along with baseball’s David Ortiz, partnered with PEDIGREE to kick […]

Feb 28, 13   Comments Off on New interview with Josh Duhamel! (Video) Interviews, Multimedia Update

Thanks to Alicia Malone, we got a new interview with Josh Duhamel, you can enjoy this below!